Male Choir of the Dax Choral Circle


Hi Laurie, who are you ?

My name is Laurie GARCIA GARIN; I am choral singing and musical training teacher in the Bayonne Conservatory since 2010.

Born in a musicians' family, I always bathed in music, with my father and 2 brothers. I began teaching very young, when I was 16 old. I was always enthralled by choral singing. I leaded childrens choir, mixed  choir,  and nowadays I am part of a vocal group, ONLY female!!!!!! I missed the virility of male voices. The opportunity to manage a male choir allows me to practise another répertoire.

Even if I am not native from Dax, I am very close to it: I am a musician player since 20 years in the local harmony LA NEHE and I also teached during 8 years in the Municipal Music School. Of course, I have a lot of friends in the harmony; when T was asked to lead this choir, I could feel deep down inside that doors would open between these 2 old and famous musical groups in Dax. The musical repertoire is very important for me; my personality needs to pratise all music genres but also all musics. I am convinced that we shall succed with the Dax Male Voice Choir. 

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